Vxlan / macvlan

So there is a new service called VXLAN in the catalog, after installation, where can I select so that rancher is using VXLAN?

Also I want use the macvlan driver, how can I achieve this?


You first need to create an environment template with the VXLAN catalog item selected. Then create a new environment using this template and Add Hosts. Now the containers launched across different hosts in this environment use VXLAN for cross host networking.

Macvlan driver of Docker is a different plugin altogether and it’s not supported with Cattle.


thanks for your answer, I didn’t notice that you can define your environments, this is really neat.

I just wanted to test this setup with 3 fresh Virtual Box VMs on Ubuntu Xenial, but I can’t start anything because there is an Error on all Stacks (including infra)

(Expected state running but got error: Timeout getting IP address)

I tried a fresh install too, without VXLAN and touching anything, just adding two hosts, so I guess this is a bigger issue?

Just for the record: the issue with timeout getting IP adresse has been caused by follow:

I just ran

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname

although this changes the hostname, it does not update your /etc/hosts file.
So you have to change to your hostname manually.

This resolved my problem and VXLAN is working wonderfully!

Thank you very much for your assistance.