Was not able to find upgrade path in directory

Afther we upgrade the postgresql from 9.4 to 9.6 according the installation steps with /usr/lib/susemanager/bin/pg-migrate.sh. this went fine.
we also upgraded susemanager 3.1 to v3.2 on sles12sp3. We followed steps from the best-practice guide, and did a zypper migration. https://www.suse.com/documentation/suse-manager-3/3.2/susemanager-best-practices/html/book.suma.best.practices/bp.sp.migration.html
At the end, we did a spacewalk-schema-upgrade, and now things are going wrong. We get the following messages :
Schema upgrade: [susemanager-schema-3.1.19-2.30.1] → [susemanager-schema-3.2.12-3.3.1]
Searching for upgrade path to: [susemanager-schema-3.2.12-3.3.1]
Searching for upgrade path to: [susemanager-schema-3.2.12]
Searching for start path: [susemanager-schema-3.1.19-2.30.1]
Searching for start path: [susemanager-schema-3.1.19]
Was not able to find upgrade path in directory [/etc/sysconfig/rhn/schema-upgrade].

We already did the pg-migrate.sh again, but this did not help. Does anywhone knows how te fixed this, because now we cannot
go into the gui from susemanager, because i comes with the message that we first must upgrade the schema.

kind regards, Henk

Hi Henk,

as there’s nothing actually to do in that stage, you can simply create an empty update directory /etc/sysconfig/rhn/schema-upgrade/susemanager-schema-3.1.19-to-susemanager-schema-3.2.0 and restart the schema upgrade.

Been there, done that. That glitch is already known to SUSE and will be fixed with some patch.


Hello J,

thank you very much, it’s that simple?
it’s does the schema-upgrade now, and we can login to the gui again.
susemanager is updated now to 3.2, we did see afther the spacewalk-schema-upgrade the following message : The database schema was upgraded to version [susemanager-schema-3.2.12-3.3.1].

thank you, kind regards Henk