What are the steps to change the hostname?

I need to know how to change the Rancher Manager’s hostname.

Like the others in old topics, I am able to set a new value for hostname with helm upgrade, but there must be another step.

With helm upgrade, a new server cert from the same CA is issued with the new DNS SAN. This is great, and I expect it will be trusted by Harvester because it is from the same CA.

I’m asking about the steps to fully migrate from an old to new hostname in Rancher Manager, but the specific symptom that led me to ask is the Harvester node was orphaned by changing the URL, and creating a new import yields a URL with the old name.

I am using Rancher 2.7.1 and Harvester 1.1.1.

Thank you for your time.

Those that came before:

I was able to find one more occurrence of the old hostname by combing through configmaps. In namespace cattle-fleet-system there is a cm named fleet-controller with a .data.config.apiServerUrl value containing a URL with the old name. I have edited this to correct the URL, but that alone did not solve the problem of Harvester import URLs continuing to use the old name.

I found it was necessary to in Rancher Manager > Configuration > Global Settings, change server-url to reflect the new name. It was not sufficient to merely set a new value for hostname with helm upgrade. I’m not sure if that’s a bug, a missed expectation, or operator error.