What doing each system container (solved)

Hi Everyone,

I would like know what doing each system rancher container to understanding better the rancher behavior

  • healthcheck
  • ipsec
  • cni-driver
  • network-manager
  • metadata
  • rancher-agent

hello? hi?? anyone???

It’s a holiday week for many people, and many of these are self-explanatory.

  • healthcheck: When you define a healthcheck on a service the check you define is performed at the interval you defined on up to 3 other hosts. They run in this container (which is basically haproxy).

  • network-manager, cni-driver, and ipsec: Sets up the IPSec tunnels that create the managed network to enable container communication across hosts and making container ports reachable on public host ports via managing iptables rules.

  • metadata: Runs the rancher metadata and dns services for containers to use

  • rancher-agent: Opens the connection to the rancher/server container and performs the actions on the host that the server tells it to (i.e. creating/starting/stopping/removing containers)

Thank very much vincent