What is the service hash / is it important & some other rancher-compose questions?

Hi @denise, thanks for your response!

I think we will have to agree to disagree about evening out containers… In a stateless, micro-service world (as is the case with most or many containers), I do believe that evening out containers makes sense, AS LONG AS resource/scheduling rules are “equal”… (i.e. I dont think it makes sense to even out containers solely based on number of containers, but if resources are equal, and scheduling rules are all met equally, it would make a lot of sense imo to even them out… its essentially a way of balancing them even to prevent irregular resource usage)… This strategy also improves high availability which is extremely important (maybe an objective even?) of stateless microservices.

Abt the scheduling issues I understand your suggestion and will probably use it for now, nonetheless, imho it isnt absolutely correct and may cause some other issues linked to containers piling up on a single host. I’ll make some tests with anti-affinity combined with this, as it may work as intended…