When Rancher will be paid

Is there information to make rancher paid enterprise solution.
there is a risk about usage, I would like to use great rancher solution in my production infrastructure, but what if tomorrow rancher stops to be free ?

This post might help answer your question, but it basically says Rancher will always be open source and free software.

As a company, Rancher Labs will provide a supported version of the software for sale, but users will always be welcome to use the open version of Rancher under its Apache license for free.

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I’d like to point out that when my startup has a higher valuation, and more developers we will certainly be paying for your enterprise solution.

I love rancher, and it has been a godsend for my little company. I needed an orchestration solution that would be easy to manage with as little drama as possible. We were using Tutum before I saw a comment in an article that mentioned Rancher as an alternative to Tutum. I didn’t even consider other services after the first night I brought our services up with Rancher.

Honestly I really believe that the company that writes rancher should deploy a large scale app that was a subscription model (low cost!). As long as your pricing was below the competition (which wouldn’t be hard) your platform is (in many many ways) superior.

Keep rancher Free for the companies that want to maintain their own servers, but for the folks who just want to run their containers and don’t really want the hassle of maintaining a server, it would be a nice value-add that you could capitalize on.

Keep up the amazing work!

Michael Draper
Founder/CEO Frobl Inc.


Thanks Michael, we would love to get to that point as well! For now we need to focus on making Rancher amazing, and making sure startups like yours have a good open-source tool that makes managing containers easy.

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement!

Shannon Willliams

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