Where to find aws host pem file?

I have created a host on AWS using Rancher “add host”, at some point I wanted to directly SSH to AWS host instance, but I could not find the pem file. I have downloaded the machine config (which contains following files)
├── certs
│ ├── ca-key.pem
│ ├── ca.pem
│ ├── cert.pem
│ └── key.pem
└── machines
└── ganeday-03
├── bootstrapped
├── ca.pem
├── cert.pem
├── config.json
├── created
├── id_rsa
├── id_rsa.pub
├── key.pem
├── server-key.pem
└── server.pem

… and I could not SSH into AWS host using any of these pem files. Could someone direct me, where to find the correct pem file to access host machines (added from rancher UI/API) directly?

Thanks in advance.

SSH keys are not PEM-encoded… The file you want is id_rsa.

Thanks, Vincent. this is helpful, id_rsa works.