Which releases should I use when in Beta? they are all RC now

I noticed that after v0.51.0 the new releases are only rc-releases.

We are part of the Rancher Beta program, and I have always upgraded to latest release as soon as it was made available. Now we are on v0.52.0-rc4.

I am part of the Rancher Beta programme and wonder on which release we should stay, shall we upgrade to every rc release like now v0.56.0-rc1 ? Or shall we stay in v0.51.0?
what is the approach you prefer us to take?
I am eager to have newer releases that fixes bugs … so I don’t waste my time reporting known bugs…

We’d recommend staying on the latest, and you are correct that you might end up reporting known bugs. You are welcome to test out the RC release, but there are typically known issues in the RC which is why it is not tagged as latest.

Whenever the next release is available, please note that we have only tested from the previous latest release v0.51.0 to the next latest. We don’t test any paths from any RCs.