WINE on Linux

The Wine team couldn’t help…
We use WINE to run C5, a book keeping program on Linux. This works in fact well. One problem, the database need to be on the server, not in wine, not in linux. But whatever I do, wine produce virtual drives in stead of using database on server. How can I get wine to access the database on the network server?

@HANS-CHRISTOPH Hi, so are you mounting the drive on the guest system and then mapping this folder to wine?
Have a read here:

Hi Malcolm, yes, drives are mounted of course. I thried under installation of C5 in Wine to define, it has to use the external drive. But Wine just generated a new virtual path. Maybe I need to check again…

@HANS-CHRISTOPH Hi, you might wat to give codeweavers crossover office a try out (free trial), in some cases I’ve seen better results (and what I use here for my own system).

thanks. I will try. found some options in the program as well