Workaround for docker bundle feature in Rancher

In Rancher, how can I take a snapshot (keep track) of a particular stack like I can with docker bundle? I am using Cattle as the setup method. I know there is a request for that feature but in the meantime is there a workaround?

I think the ability to keep track of your project at the stack level is very useful because you can revert to any stack “image” in case something goes wrong. The Docker docs describe bundle as a way to define a multi-service deployment:

A Dockerfile can be built into an image, and containers can be created
from that image. Similarly, a docker-compose.yml can be built into a
distributed application bundle, and stacks can be created from that
bundle. In that sense, the bundle is a multi-services distributable
image format.

Here is one possible workaround that I found. Basically, you have to manually tag the images which you will deploy and updated your docker-compose.yml to use those tags in the future. I haven’t implemented it, but it makes sense:

# Before deployment, take note of the container for your service
dc -f staging.yml build nginx 

# Tag the container's image
d tag <containerid> pttroyal/nginx_dev:0.1

# push to docker registry
d push pttroyal/nginx_dev:0.1

# now change the image tag for your service in the docker-compose.yml
    image: pttroyal/nginx_dev:0.1