Workloads show "active" once job is complete


I am submitting a workload via the API that is a single container that runs a job then terminates.

"jobStatus": {
"active": 0,
"completionTime": "2018-12-28T05:41:03Z",
"completionTimeTS": 1545975663000,
"conditions": [
"lastProbeTime": "2018-12-28T05:41:03Z",
"lastProbeTimeTS": 1545975663000,
"lastTransitionTime": "2018-12-28T05:41:03Z",
"lastTransitionTimeTS": 1545975663000,
"status": "True",
"type": "Complete"
"failed": 0,
"startTime": "2018-12-28T05:40:57Z",
"startTimeTS": 1545975657000,
"succeeded": 1,
"type": "/v3/project/schemas/jobStatus"

However the workload itself shows as “active” in the BUI. (and trying to submit a workload with the same name throws a 409) Do I need to perform cleanup on this? Am I submitting the workload with the wrong settings? If so is there a proper way to do this via the API or merely just delete the workload?