1.6.12 loadbalancer changes

in 1.6.10 I had two server running ucarp and loadbalancers. This has been working fine.

Now, after upgrading to 1.6.12 it all stopped working.
Running ubuntu 16.04 and docker 17.06, neworking is ipsec.

Is there any obvious changes to networking stack/lb which might be the cause?


@hwaastad There are no major changes in 1.6.12 networking except for one fix for a memory leak. If you could exec into the lb container and try to curl the services manually do you see them go through?

Also if you could collect logs using: https://github.com/rancher/rancher-logs-collector and share them with me on Slack (https://slack.rancher.io), I could take a look.

I’ll try to get connected on slack.

Just for the record,
@leodotcloud did some checking of logfiles and nothing seemed wrong.

So after deleting an upgraded LB and creating a new, it all works fine again.
Why, not really sure.

Thanks a lot for helping out in debugging, @leodotcloud!