1 exam objective is mentioned 2 times at training URL


I noticed that following page has mention of ‘chrony’ exam objective twice = https://training.suse.com/certification/sca-linux/exam-objectives-sles-12-to-15-update/
I am not sure who manages above page hence creating a thread here.

Pls forward this bug to the technical writer/site administrator.

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[QUOTE]Originally Posted by linuxacademy
Some of the objectives are mentioned twice indeed: Unified Installer, YaST Partitioner, Wayland, Firewalld. I’ve been studying at Champlain College Online and need to [COLOR="#333333"]buy research paper[/COLOR] on LinuxTechi and find a couple of examples how to solve the problems with Yast2 and Wayland.

I have noticed that too. I had a couple of questions as for Yast2 working in Wayland, but found the openSUSE feature tracking > #322297