389 / dsconf / consumer


I have the problem setting up a “consumer” in OpenSuse Leap 15.5 and SLES 15.5 with the 389 Directory Server.

When I run the command ‘dsconf -D “cn=Directory Manager” ldap:// replication enable --suffix “” --role “consumer” --bind-dn “cn=replication manager,cn=config” --bind-passwd “”’, I always get the following error:
“Error: Replica ID cannot be specified for consumer and hub roles”

This always worked with SLES15.4 and OpenSuse15.4 – and other distributions.

This is the version “389-ds-2.0.17~git81.849cc42-150400.3.31.1.x86_64”

Can you point me to a work-around?

Best regards