502 Error When Deleting EKS Cluster With Rancher


I have provisioned an EKS cluster using Rancher and would like to delete the cluster. When I attempt to delete it using the UI, I get this error: 502 UnknownError: 502

Chrome devtools shows the network request from the browser:

Request URL: GET https://redacted.com/meta/proxy/eks.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/clusters
Status Code: 502

I turned on debug logging in Rancher, and I see the following logs when I attempt to delete an EKS cluster:

2019/09/24 21:10:06 [DEBUG] Requesting user: user-crnt6, Requesting groups: [system:authenticated] Impersonate user: Impersonate group: []
2019/09/24 21:10:06 [INFO] Failed to proxy: invalid host: eks.us-east-1.amazonaws.com
2019-09-24 21:10:06.966559 I | http: proxy error: unsupported protocol scheme ""

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Some additional information…

I am running Rancher v2.2.8. Here are the startup logs:

2019/09/23 22:17:03 [INFO] Rancher version v2.2.8 is starting
2019/09/23 22:17:03 [INFO] Rancher arguments {ACMEDomains:[] AddLocal:auto Embedded:false KubeConfig: HTTPListenPort:80 HTTPSListenPort:443 K8sMode:auto Debug:true NoCACerts:true ListenConfig:<nil> AuditLogPath:/var/log/auditlog/rancher-api-audit.log AuditLogMaxage:10 AuditLogMaxsize:100 AuditLogMaxbackup:10 AuditLevel:0}

I am running Rancher as a single node install. I have it running behind an ELB (load balancer) which is terminating SSL and proxying requests in plaintext to Rancher.

I am running the rancher/rancher Docker Hub container with the command: --no-cacerts as recommended in the load balancer install instructions.

I appreciate any suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hi @asnyder

I have created an issue: https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/23665

For now the workaround to delete the cluster is to select cluster -> view API -> Delete

This generates the correct call to clean up the cluster.

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Thanks @ibrokethecloud

I have since tried creating and deleting EKS clusters from different types of Rancher installations and always get this error, so I think the issue you created is what I am experiencing.