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I normally install Linux with the following partition:

/ 30GB (ext4) /swap 10 GB (swap) /boot/efi 300 M (FAT32) /home 400 GB ((ext4))

However, I noticed that SUSE and other Linux introduced new Linux partition types such as btrfs. I am just wondering, what’s the advantage of btrfs? If we would like to introduce btrfs, what’s the recommended partition would be?

thanks a lot.

To complement btrfs is snapper and snapshots which are bootable
(rollback). I would recommend 40GB / partition if you go this route as
space is required for snapshots.

I normally reconfigure the snapper defaults (/etc/snapper/configs/root)
to keep four (4) maximim for number limits.

You can still run btrfs on smaller partitions but would need to look at
disabling snapper.

Have a read here;

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XFS probably makes a lot of sense for /home