access to rpm packages

Good day, I am looking for the rpm’ for the software such as nodejs, pm2, nginx, etc.
I signed in as an independent user. Would you kindly advise howto find and download these packages.
Thank you, mWtech

@Leonard Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
For individual rpm downloads, login to SUSE Customer Center and search in the ‘My Tools’ section, you don’t indicate what release of SLES or SLED you are using, but if it’s registered, then should be able to search with YaST or zypper to locate the packages your after.

Thank you, I saw that section and found the list of packages, however the download button is disabled, and I should activate the module(s) on the registered system, but the activation is not working without the product registration.
Does it mean I must buy subscription to download rpm ?

@Leonard Hi, yes, or if you have an evaluation one…