Accessing stdin for a container

Does the Rancher API provide a means to inject text into stdin of a container?

I have an application that we have “docker-ized” but this app is indented to run from the command line. The application can be started with some args to get it started, but then subsequent operations are meant to entered at a command prompt. We don’t want to re-write the app because it will continue to be used as-is by other groups.

I’ve read some discussions on using the Docker API to write to the stdin of a container. So since I know Rancher hooks into the Docker API, I wondered if stdin is exposed in the Rancher API.

I’ve used “docker attach” to connect to the application and it works fine, but I need to get on to the host to use it, and it seems like any automation using “docker attach” would be a hack and fragile.

Please, feel free to educate me on how this should be done. Any advice, examples, etc., will be helpful.