Add host - https - cert issue

Hi guys, I am trying to add a new host to my rancher environment (using v1.6.17). I add the public IP and hostname then copy & paste the docker link to the other host. I am getting CA certificate errors as it provided me with an https link. I set up a different environment previously and I got a http link so I didn’t have this issue. Can you tell me how to use HTTP only for cattle installation?

The host registration URL is set to https:// which is why it is included in the command. Rancher runs on port 8080 which you can expose to the outside directly without SSL, or you can terminate your own SSL in front. If you don’t want to use SSL, you should set the Host Registration URL to http:// and the correct command will be generated.

If you do want to use SSL, you either have to correctly configure the certificate and chain (if the certificate is from a recognized CA) or you can configure self signed certificates which is described here: