Add Host Stuck at "Setting Up Machine..."

Using Rancher to create Amazon EC2 Hosts is getting stuck at “Setting Up Machine…In Progress”.

It never times out, or otherwise errors out.

It never actually initiates host creation in EC2.

I have noticed that normally the first message I see when launching the new host is “…contacting amazon ec2…” (or something similar to that), for a few seconds before the message changes to “Setting Up Machine…”. In this case I never see the message about contacting Amazon, it goes straight to the setting up machine message, and then stays on that message indefinitely.

To be clear, this is a Rancher instance that until today was working just fine, for several months. I was successfully creating hosts just yesterday. Nothing that I am aware of has changed overnight.

I’m not even sure where to start on this one, has anyone else seen this problem?

A couple of things to check.

  1. Check that the go-machine-service in the System HA environment is running and active.
  2. Check that the rancher-compose-executor service in the System HA environment is running and active.

I have seen both of these services being in a bad state cause hosts not create.

Ya, Chad figured it out. It was Go Machine Service. Thanks Mark.