Add ingress on an imported cluster

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I’m trying to add ingress on an imported cluster. Do you know if there is an helm chart to install a rancher-nginx ingress ? I’ve suceeeded to install traefik in daemonset. It seems to work though the loadbalancer is stuck in initializing state ?

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We use basically the standard nginx-ingress chart and image. There’s one in helm-stable or -incubator if you enable them (and wait for it to sync).

LB stuck in initializing usually means you have nothing that provides L4 LBs. There is no generic solution for that so custom clusters do not have any implementation deployed. For cloud hosting companies there are cloud-providers in k8s or available separately for most providers.

Thanks Vincent for your answer, actually it’s the ingress which is in the “initializing” state (traefik in daemonset).


Hello @lpaquet,

Did you figure it out about your issue as i have the same ?
What do you think of Traefik with Rancher ?
I’m currently using haproxy ingress and i think that traefik could add some nice features.


You probably haven’t given traefik RBAC permission to update the status of ingress rules with the endpoints it is available at. That is what “initializing” is looking for.

Thanks @vincent, I will look into it with your advice

On my side, i got it working and i’m planning to do a new post on the forum about a complete setup of one node bare-metal with traefik ingress in order to deploy applications.

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I’d love to hear more about this. I’m having this issue right now.

I had to redo it again. I will try to add it as soon as possible.

so, any suggestion about this? I’m having this issue right now.
Thanks in advance

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Looking forward to reading your post zwordi ! Looking at traefik and metallb for solutions… so your pending writeup is quite timely and welcomed!

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Hello @pax and @xongkoro,

I did put new posts on the forum about ingress :slight_smile: :

Sorry i didn’t get notifications about your posts.