Add new container image mysql to rancher

Hello Experts,

I am newer in docker and rancher, i have installed rancher on centos6.7 successfully and i am able to images but i need to add mysql image and i need to passing root_password value it’s required as mentioned
i don’t know how to do it please advise.
and i need to understand command tab in add container screen.


In the command tab, you would click “Add environment variable.” Under Variable put MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and under Value put your password.

As an aside, I feel compelled to give this disclaimer: It is generally not a great idea to store sensitive data in docker environment variables, but with this mysql image, it is basically your only option at this point. I wish I had a better turnkey solution to offer, but I don’t. We are, however, working on a secrets management solution. Not sure when that will be out though.

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