add SAN lun to existing clustered volumes in a 3 nodecluster


I have a 3 node local cluster with 2 resource groups - both of these running on separate nodes with 1 node
acting as standby.

My questions is i have to add a lun to each of the lvm resource in each group but want to make sure each cluster node is ware of the new lun added to the volume.

I know the procedure to discover the new san lun, and the SAN team will assign the WWN to all 3 nodes and i will create the new pv, add to the lvm group and then extend the volume.
I will put the cluster into maintenance mode before doing this.

So if I have this config :

resource 1 is running on node 1
resource 2 is running on node2
node 3 is stand-by.

I put the cluster into maintenance mode, discover the new san lun, pvcreate, add to lvm , voleume group
then use lvextend to the volume/fs. - done.

If I perform this on node1 - do I have to tell node2 and node3 that the volume is now a new size? Or will the cluster
know this by default? Do i have to discover the new san lun on the other nodes as well?


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