Adding an external hostname to a Loadbalanced service?

I have a hostname & IP address which I want to assign to a Loadbalanced service in Rancher. In this example, let’s assume that the hostname is ‘’.

To set up HA traditionally, without containers, I would do something like the following:

  • Allocate several hosts as webservers.
  • Allocate two hosts as Loadbalancers. These direct traffic to the three real servers.
  • Acquire a hostname/IP for the public service.
  • For HA:
    • Plumb each loadbalancer with the IP address of the service
    • Configure the Loadbalancers to use keepalived or something similar so that the service IP address floats between two machines, and is always available if one machine is down.

How would I do this in Rancher? Can I assign an IP address via Rancher which will float from one host to another?

So far what I’ve tried to do in Rancher is:

  1. Assign the IP address for to one of the Rancher worker nodes
  • Configure two wordpress containers, one MySQL container and one Loadbalancer service per the Rancher Quick Start Guide
  • In the loadbancer, I tried to assign the IP address from #1. I don’t think this worked.

However, any way to configure the Rancher Loadbalancer manipulate IP addresses on the host.