Adding project name to namespace

Currently, Rancher create namespaces with the name given during creation. Thus, a namespace name cannot be used by multiple project in the same cluster.

I have a test cluster using Rancher 2 (3 nodes), with multiple project which members don’t have the rights to access the other project. Some of these project uses the same services (example : Gitlab), and all of them would like to use a “Gitlab” namespace, which is not possible.

As for now, we use a workaround by adding the namespace as prefix to the namespace (aka “project-a-gitlab” and “project-b-gitlab”) in order to keep them from colliding, but I would really like to see it automatized by Rancher, which should add the “project-a/b” part, but only display the “gitlab” part in Rancher, a bit like how Rancher 1.x containers where named.

P.S.: Sorry for by bad English, I’m French.

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