Alert: Component etcd-X is unhealthy

Hey guys

I have a standard Rancher 2 Setup. 3 Nodes with etcd+cp and 4 worker nodes.
About a week ago I had to update Docker version on all working node including the cp and etcd nodes.
As the Docker version has to be updated to a certain version, I could not use the normal apt-get upgrade command. So I first deleted 1 etcd+cp node from a cluster, uninstalled Docker and then reinstalled the docker with e a needed version using a Script. I did that to all 3 etcd+cp nodes.
After the update was done, I’ve noticed an error message in the cluster:
Alert: Component etcd-2 is unhealthy, Alert: Component etcd-1 is unhealthy, Alert: Component etcd-2 is unhealthy.

I assume this is because during the update the planes could not proper sync between each other (maybe because i did it to fast).

Did anyone have that issue and know how to solve it?