Announcing Sunset of SUSE Forums on August 31, 2021

Dear SUSE Forums Users,

We are retiring the SUSE Forums on August 31, 2021.

Why are we doing this?
The SUSE Forums have shown very little activity over the past year and a half. We believe you deserve better. So we have created a new place where you can engage with like-minded SUSE enthusiasts.

What are we doing instead?
We invite all users of the SUSE Forums to join the new SUSE & Rancher Community at This platform is a vibrant and rapidly growing community of practitioners who are eager to discover and explore SUSE and Rancher technologies and share their passion and expertise.

What are the next steps?
We will phase out the SUSE Forums in two steps:

  1. On July 31, we will set the SUSE Forums to Maintenance Mode, effectively rendering them read-only.
  2. On August 31, we will retire the infrastructure supporting the Forums and redirect traffic from to

I have questions about this. Who do I ask?
Please send any questions or concerns to We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a user of the SUSE Forums. We hope you will join the SUSE & Rancher Community to continue the conversation with us.

The SUSE & Rancher Community Team

Hi @atgracey ,
I’m posting this question here, as I believe there may be other people with the same request for clarification. You wrote:

(…) 2. On August 31, we will retire the infrastructure supporting the Forums and redirect traffic from to…)
My question is this: Does this announcement (also) mean that after August 31, 2021, all the messages that have been posted here in the SUSE Forums over the years, by many people, will simply disappear? OR will those messages be archived somewhere else, in read-only mode, instead?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @ricmarq - I replied to you privately about this, but neglected to post a public response! My bad. So, to answer this publicly, our intention is to archive the messages in read-only mode. We know there is valuable information here and we don’t want to lose that knowledge base. We haven’t landed on the exact archiving details yet. We’ll keep you posted. Thank you!

Hi @atgracey and @Sarah,
I came to ask the same question as @ricmarq.
As a SUSE Knowledge Partner (though not sure whether that’s still a thing now) I have a vested interest in the SUSE Forums and I’d hate for all the past posts and replies to just disappear into the ether. The original post by @atgracey suggests that on 31 August 2021 all content will disappear which is also how @ricmarq (and I’m sure others) interpreted it.
In addition to redirecting to on 31 August 2021 is it at all possible to import (at least some of) the content from the Forums into the Community site thus preserving the technical information contained within? I don’t think the posts need to remain as individual pots so perhaps each forum thread could become a single post on the community site in a new archived/legacy section?
I don’t how much data is involved but personally I’m hoping I can at least save a copy of the technical threads that I’ve been involved with in the past by using wget to mirror pages.
I’ll also send this reply to the community email address.

Hi @smflood - thanks for reaching out and sharing your concerns. We absolutely intend to preserve the knowledge accumulated over the years in the forums. We are working out the details now. There are several options we are considering. Thank you!

I have to say “So long and thanks for all the fish!” :smile: :wink:

We realise there’s a lot of useful information here, and we don’t want to lose it.