Annoying upgrade bugs

Well I guess it’s more of a statement and a little rant rather than a question.

I have an 8 nodes Harvester cluster since v1.0.1, although not yet in production, it was getting close to be until the upgrade went sideways…
Today I upgraded the cluster to v1.0.3, without realising that some nodes were still in v1.0.1 and not 1.0.2 that was done a while back. (although I had done the 1.0.2 update a while back, I never noticed anything wrong at the time !) The servers won’t even restart properly after the upgrade :angry:

As it happens, consider my previous thread on backups stuck in limbo (still unsolved), now the upgrade not finishing the nodes properly, and me having to destroy and recreate the cluster as I have hardly any information and documentation to find how Harvester can be manually fixed.

With all these little glitches, it makes Harvester clearly not ready for production in my books… too many “little” but very annoying glitches…
I love the concept, but not keen on the lack of stability and the very limited UI, I guess we’ll have to wait a little more.
Also looking forward having more people in this forum :+1:t3:

I ran in to the same issue. I was able to get one of my host back up and moved the data from one to a 1.0.3 node that I did a clean install on. Did you post this issue on GitHub?