Another expired certs issue

Hi All

I’m running Rancher 2.4.5 and recently ran into the expired certificates issue. The UI is not accessible and there are error messages in the logs pointing to expired certs.

I’ve followed a number of solutions online

I’m able to bring the UI back up but the certificate is still invalid

I cannot connect to the cluster using kubectl

kubectl --kubeconfig=config  get nodes -o wide
Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid: current time 2021-06-29T10:50:55-04:00 is after 2021-06-26T20:11:34Z

There is a managed cluster hosted in Rancher that is stuck in “Updating” but the cluster is accessible by end users and is able to host apps.

How can I update this certificate?


I am with the same problem, and with the same version. After 1 year running OK, this same problem occurred. Try this utility How to change Rancher 2.x server-url
, with this “bash -t’upgrade ‘-r’ - acme-domain newhostname '”, trying to force the same domain, but when restarting it tells me " [INFO] Waiting for k3s to start ", and that in a worse state … You have been able to solve it ?

with this it is resolved