Answers yaml apparently being ignored

Dear all,

I’m trying to deploy a new App using Rancher CLI using the command below:

$ rancher app install --answers answers.yaml harbor harbor --no-prompt

Despite the yaml file is correct (I’ve deployed the same app using the YAML on WebUI), it seems to be ignored, since the definitions are not being applied.

Is this a known issue or maybe I’m missing something?

rancher version v2.4.6

Thanks in advance for any help.


My mistake… it’s working now.

Just for the records… I was supposing the answer file should follow the YAML syntax which is used during the launch (Edit as YAML option). However, the answers file format is a more simple YAML, follow the standard below:

cert.enabled: true
chartmuseum.enabled: true
clair.enabled: true
database.type: internal
expose.tls.secretName: secretname
expose.type: ingress