Antivirus for SLES + Power + SAP Hanna

We have an environment with SLES over Power, and SAP App with Hanna DDBB.

Oir customer in spain needs t pass the ENS (National Scheme Security) certification, because of that is mandatory to installa a Antivirus Solution.

We don’t find any trustes solution and the only one that we see is ClamAV, and it has not a centralized management console.

Anyone has good or bad experiences with ClamAV?

Anyone knows other better AV solution in this kind of environment??

For instance, TrenMicro doesnt supoort SUSE, Cortex, McAfee doesnt support Power…

Sorry for my english.

Thank you very much in advance

You mentioned ClamAV but did you know SLES for SAP Applications includes ClamSAP, a combination of ClamAV and a virus scan interface included in SAP NetWeaver? Please see for an introduction.

Thank you very much

I didn’t about it

Do you have eny experience with ClamSAP Antivirus?

How is it managed???

Kind regads
Thank you very much

Sorry but I’ve no personal experience of using ClamSAP. You don’t say which version(s) of SLES for SAP Applications you’re using so here’s a link to ClamSAP section in latest (15 SP5) docs which will hopefully help - SLES for SAP 15 SP5 | Guide | Protecting against malware with ClamSAP .