Any plans to provide "Execute Shell" option for hosts?

Any plans to provide “Execute Shell” option for hosts?

From time to time, we have developers who want to ssh into the host and look around during debugging sessions. Since Docker Machine provide an ssh cut-through to the VMs it creates, and Rancher uses Docker Machine to create VMs, I wonder why I don’t see an “Execute Shell” option for the hosts in Rancher.

I know I can download the config for the VM from Rancher, and use the key in that bundle to ssh into the VM. But before I write my own tool to make that process a bit less painful, I thought I’d ask if the Rancher team had plans to provide a shell to the hosts in Rancher.

My hosts are all linux, created in Openstack, if that matters. And to be clear, I’m not looking for full xterm functionality. Just a simple shell like the one you provide to containers would be nice.


Someday, yes; need the plumbing to connect it to a WebSocket before I can put it in the UI…