API - get service by name instead of id?

I’m trying to write an ansible script to auto-launch stacks and would like to call the Rancher API in order to check on the health of a service prior to launch additional stacks. Going through the documentation it does not appear possible to call the services endpoint (/v1/projects/1a5/services) with anything other than an id but there also doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get the id. Is this possible and I’m just missing something? Ideally I would call /v1/projects/1a5/services/myservicename instead of something like /v1/projects/1a5/services/1s1.

Or - can the rancher-compose CLI be updated to return back a JSON response with the metadata created by rancher when you start up a stack?

Any help is appreciated!

You can filter by name, but names are not necessarily unique (so it returns a collection). /v1/projects/1a5/services?name=myservicename

Great thank you! Works perfect.