Automated Rancher Load Balancer (HA Proxy) upgrade


I have a requirement to continuously update a Rancher Load balancer rather than upgrading as and when a new service is deployed.

For example I already have two services (aaa and bbb) up and running and their context path is configured in the load balancer as


Now I am deploying a new service ccc and want to add in the context path 80/ccc=8090 dynamically in an automated way (instead of having to upgrade the entire load balancer through rancher compose).

Is there a way to do this using rancher cli or through rancher compose? Also will doing that make the rancher load balancer unavailable as it reinitializes (i.e. it affects the traffic coming to the already deployed services)?



You can do that via Rancher AP How to add services in load balancer through API?

Adding new service to Load balancer will reload the load balancer not restart and so traffic is not affected.

That’s great ! Thanks !