Automatic Updates how can I confirm it is patching

Hi we are running SLES10SP4/SLES11 (with OES) and have configured automatic updates. My questions is how do I know that it is in fact installing updates? I can start the ‘online updates’ and check that there are no patches to install but I would like to see it in a log or something that is has install xyz patches. Also should I have the ‘install interactive patches’ selected? What is best practice?

Thanks in advance

Hi John,

I’d advise against installing interactive patches via automatic mechanisms… for most of them, there’s a reason they’re tagged as interactive :smiley:

Patches are installed via RPM, so you could have a look at rpm’s history… “rpm -qa --last” could be a starting point.

Not really the answer to your question, but you can determine what’s missing via “zypper lu”.

If you run SMT, you can check the client’s patch state via “smt-client” run on the SMT server machine.

I’m sure that the automatic update mechanism leaves traces in some log, but have to leave that to others to describe…