Autoyast: how to force user to reset password at first login?


I’m working on SLES12SP5 and SLES15SP4, with autoyast deployment files.
I’ve an issue about the password :
I created 2 users (root and admin) by using the autoyast file. In post-scripts section, I used the commands “/usr/bin/chage -d 0 root” and “/usr/bin/chage -d 0 admin”.
It perfectly works for “root” user but nothing is done for “admin” user…
In /var/log/messages, I can see the chage for “root” but not for “admin”

Why ? I don’t understand what’s the difference: users are created during the same process, I can login with this “admin” account, but no password change is required although it’s the case for “root”.