AWS and Production

What I’ve done so far…

  1. Launched 3 instances on AWS
  2. Installed docker 1.12 on each instance
  3. Created MySQL instance in RDS
  4. Created AWS ELB with HTTP 80:80 and HTTPS 443:443
  5. Ran the initial rancher machine to generate the HA script and gave it my ELB endpoint
  6. Removed the rancher container
  7. Launched the HA script on the first node

This is what I see in the rancher-ha logs:
docker logs -f rancher-ha
time=“2016-11-22T06:11:04Z” level=info msg=“Cluster changed, index=0, members=[, , ]” component=service
time=“2016-11-22T06:11:04Z” level=info msg=“Waiting for server to be available” component=cert
time=“2016-11-22T06:11:04Z” level=info msg=“Can not launch agent right now: Server not available at” component=service
time=“2016-11-22T06:11:14Z” level=info msg=“Forgetting cluster member” component=manager member={2 790d399c-500e-4153-afd0-f0c0fc0cfca1 map[] 0 11 1}
time=“2016-11-22T06:11:14Z” level=info msg=“Currently Master: true” component=manager master=true
time=“2016-11-22T06:11:14Z” level=info msg=“Assigning 374088da-e912-4213-b7ec-4f57fa73e2ac to index 1” component=manager
time=“2016-11-22T06:11:19Z” level=info msg=“Cluster changed, index=1, members=[, , ]” component=service

Security group is set on all nodes to have ALL TRAFFIC in/out from the VPC (not from the outside world)

What is wrong with my first node in the HA ? (I haven’t ran the script on the rest of the nodes yet)