AWS EC2 Instance SAP Hana XFS File System Corruption

Our AWS EC2 instance SAP Hana is currently inaccessible. Analysis of the system logs indicates multiple critical errors during the boot process, primarily related to file system corruption and service startup failures.

Identified Issues

  1. XFS File System Corruption
  • Description: The logs show a Metadata CRC error and an I/O error in the XFS file system.

  • Impact: Such errors typically prevent the operating system from accessing vital file system data, leading to boot failures or system instability.

  1. Failed Service Startups
  • Failed Services: Critical failures in starting services like ‘Setup Virtual Console’.

  • Dependency Failures: Issues in ‘dracut ask for additional cmdline parameters’ and ‘Reload Configuration from the Real Root’.

  • Impact: Failure in starting these services impedes the initialization process, leading to an inability to access the instance.

  1. Mounting Failure of /sysroot
  • Description: The system failed to mount /sysroot, a crucial step in the boot process.

  • Impact: This failure is a critical blocker for the boot process, rendering the system unusable.

  1. Correctable Errors Collector Initialization
  • Description: RAS Correctable Errors collector was initialized.

  • Potential Indication: This could indicate underlying stability issues, potentially at the hardware level.

  1. Keylock Active Warning
  • Description: A warning regarding keylock being active.

  • Relevance: While not directly related to the access issue, it indicates potential configuration or input device issues.




PRETTY_NAME=“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP2”





Linux 5.3.18-22-default #1 SMP Wed Jun 3 12:16:43 UTC 2020 (720aeba)

this is the aws logs:

Any help would be appreciated.