AWS ELB + Rancher

I am doing a round up of Container platforms and I really really want Rancher to be my winner! Currently, I have deployed a server and 2 workers and all looks fantastic! However, I am running the cluster behind an AWS ELB and curious on how I would export my services to the outside world. Example:

rancher.domain (Route53 record) --> AWS ELB (SSL termination) --> Rancher Hosts.

How do I:

app.domain (Route 53 record) --> AWS ELB (SSL termination) --> Rancher --> container service

I think I need to create a Reverse Proxy container that runs Traefik or HAProxy and somehow have it ‘get’ a Public IP.

Anyone running things like me?

Hi @xuxogarcia I’m not sure I understand what you mean…

I believe the best way is to start a Rancher Load Balancer on each host (create one service in your stack and schedule it to run on all hosts), then you point the ELB at each of the “hosts”.

I believe the rancher-elb catalog item can update the ELB setup when you add/remove more hosts.