Best practice for external DB

So I setup k3s with the internal DB and I was quite happy with it. After going through the course, I am now trying to get k3s into HA mode through the use of an external Postgres DB.

For anyone that has done this setup, what is the best practice for this external DB? Can I set this inside the K3s cluster once it is up and running or do I have to just put it into a containerd and not have it hosted inside a Kubernetes cluster?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone!

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I don’t know about best practice, but I’d host the db backend outside of the cluster. You could create another cluster and host the db there. That plus an external backup of the cluster db would get you a fault tolerance and disaster recovery .

To recap , here is my idea
Create 2 cluster running on different hardware.
Put cluster 1’s external db in cluster 2
Put cluster 2’s exernal db in cluster 1
Use a cron job or similar to back up both db’s into a NAS or other storage.