Bind port 80 to a non-root user in SUSE 12

In SUSE 12 is there a command for granting a non-root user the rights to listen on a tcp port under 1024 ?

I’ve seen several articles for setcap but SUSE doesn’t seem to have that package and I would rather use a supported method for doing this.

Specifically I’m trying to run splunk service as the splunk user on Port 80 for the web server.


The way this is usually done, regardless of the “capabilities” available,
is to just forward a port. You can do this simply with the SUSE Firewall
using the FW_REDIRECT configuration option under
/etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 and this allows your applications o remain
unaltered, your users to access them over standard ports, and keeps
applications from ever needing to bind low ports for listening. This also
encourages good firewall behavior (as in, have it enabled) since the
option does not work without the firewall at least being enabled.

I presume this still works in 12; it’s worked for years in earlier major

Good luck.

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