bumblebee driver for SLE 12SP3


I have installed SLE 12 SP3 on my laptop. It is really fantastic. Finally the KDE environment is also back.

However, I cannot find a repository for Nvidia optirum. Does anybody have any idea where can I find a repository for Bumblebee for SLE 12 SP3? I only found that for 12SP2 which is not compatible to 12SP3:


Thanks a lot.

I’ve added a comment on OBS for the maintainers to add SP3 as a build target.

thanks a lot. I hope it would be done soon.

btw , shall I run

zypper rm drm-kmp-default

before I install bumblebee when it is ready?

thx again

Yes it may interfere with things, lock it also so it doesn’t get installed…

zypper al drm-kmp-default