Calling the Swarm manager directly

Rancher: v1.1.0

I have a 3 node environment configured as a docker Swarm cluster. I can see that Rancher has started a swarm-agent container and a swarm container, the latter started as the Swarm manager, on one node. If I open the Swarm CLI and execute ‘docker info’ I can see that the Swarm cluster has formed correctly and all nodes are healthy.

The docker daemon for each of the 3 nodes is configured for tcp

On another host (not part of this cluster) I have Jenkins running and a job configured to execute using the Docker plugin. It is configured to the node in Rancher running the Swarm manager ( I was expecting the container created by the Jenkins plugin to be started on one of the 2 none manager nodes, but in fact it starts on the manager itself (not what I wanted). I tried pointing it at the Rancher server node, same thing, the container starts on that node.

Is it possible to have Rancher distribute containers onto the Swarm cluster member nodes as would be the case if I was running Swarm outside of Rancher ?