Can not add properly VM`s to rancher Server

Please help.
I tried to add Linux VMs (with docker runing containers inside) located on our baremetal Windows 2012 Server. All the VMs are running on Hyper-V.
After each attempt to add VM to runcher i am facing with an error: “waiting to register”.
I am choosing CUSTOM selection option for adding cluster so as it is not in cloud.
But, it does not help. Any of those VMs have not been added to rancher. They are all in red error status with error message "waiting for node to register". I tried to change network types for those VMs during addition process but it did not help.
Please advise how to fix it?

As it turned out i was trying to add a host instead of cluster that caused error. Did not know about that there is different rancher releases and images.
So, the issue is solved.
Can close this thread.