Cannot delete longhorn namespace

Hi all,
I have a k8s cluster internal setup by k3s.
I have installed longhorn by helm
helm install longhorn longhorn/longhorn --namespace longhorn -f values.yaml
Then I uninstall longhorn a few seconds later
helm -n longhorn uninstall longhorn
But something went wrong, I CTL+C, but then longhorn cannot be found with helm

helm -n longhorn list

However, the longhorn namespace is still there and I want to delete this namespace.
kubectl delete ns longhorn --grace-period=0 --force --cascade=true
hang for long time

kubectl get ns
NAME                STATUS        AGE
longhorn            Terminating   70m

kubectl api-resources --verbs=list --namespaced -o name | xargs -n 1 kubectl get --ignore-not-found --show-kind -n longhorn
NAME                                  STATE      IMAGE                               REFCOUNT   BUILDDATE   AGE   deployed   longhornio/longhorn-engine:v1.5.3   0          25d         62m
NAME                              READY   ALLOWSCHEDULING   SCHEDULABLE   AGE   True    true              True          62m
NAME                                                                                  VALUE                                         AGE                                                                    62m                                          v1.5.3                                        62m                                                                                                   62m                               longhornio/backing-image-manager:v1.5.3       62m                                      longhornio/support-bundle-kit:v0.0.27         62m                                                                                 62m                                              longhornio/longhorn-engine:v1.5.3             62m                         false                                         62m                                    longhornio/longhorn-instance-manager:v1.5.3   62m                                 false                                         62m                                                 /var/lib/longhorn/                            62m                                        false                                         62m                                              disabled                                      62m                              100                                           62m                              25                                            62m                      30                                            62m                                                   true                                          62m                           true                                          62m                                                                                         62m                                                                                        62m                                             3                                             62m                                             disabled                                      62m                             longhorn-static                               62m                                         300                                           62m                                                                                                62m                                                                         62m                                                      true                                          62m                 true                                          62m                                                                                                 62m                               true                                          62m                                   true                                          62m                                     do-nothing                                    62m                                                 block-if-contains-last-replica                62m                                                                                                  62m                                          false                                         62m                               600                                           62m                         5                                             62m                   5                                             62m                             if-not-present                                62m                  true                                          62m                            true                                          62m                0                                             62m                               60                                            62m                              300                                           62m                                   12                                            62m                             false                                         62m                                              false                                         62m                                                                                                 62m                                                 1440                                          62m                           1                                             62m                               1                                             62m                               1                                             62m                                        false                                         62m                                            8                                             62m                                           fast-check                                    62m                                   0 0 */7 * *                                   62m   false                                         62m                                     false                                         62m                           false                                         62m                                      true                                          62m                             30                                            62m                                         lz4                                           62m                                           2                                             62m                                          2                                             62m                                                         Info                                          62m                                                    false                                         62m                                     1024                                          62m                                        enabled                                       62m
Warning: v1beta1 AddressPool is deprecated, consider using IPAddressPool

Please give me some advice, thank you very much.

I found solution here : Longhorn Namespace Stuck Terminating - Delete Longhorn from Kubernetes Cluster
Patch all the CRDs and delete the finalizers. This can be done with this command: for crd in $(kubectl get crd -o name | grep longhorn); do kubectl patch $crd -p '{"metadata":{"finalizers":[]}}' --type=merge; done;

Before you uninstall Longhorn, you should set the setting deleting-confirmation-flag to true.
If you delete the namespace directly, there might be some CRs that will never be deleted because the webhook server is deleted.