Cannot see namespaces from imported cluster

I’ve imported a K8s cluster, and can see all of the nodes, but I can’t see any of the existing namespaces/deployments/etc. from the imported cluster. Any idea as to how to see these? Do I have to create a project with the relevant namespace?

Can’t find any information on this anywhere.

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Could possibly be related to

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We are actively working on that bug. Where did you cluster come from (ie AKS, GKE, RKE, other)?

This was on an Azure VM, cluster was built using kubespray on Azure VMs (Ubuntu 16.04).

We eventually figured out that, in our case, someone or something had deleted our ClusterAdmin role. After creating the relevant roles, it all worked.

We’ve run into this as well but on a single-host Rancher setup using kubectl. If I create a new namespace using kubectl kubeconfig supplied by Rancher and deploy a chart into it, it never shows up in Rancher. If I deploy the same chart into the default namespace, the pods show up.

march 20, 2020. The bug still exists.
Imported a rancher cluster into another rancher because the old one crashed (docker) but now I dont see any namespace, apps or workloads which were there before. I got 2 clusters, same behavior. Both clusters were created from rancher.

Any update on it . I have imported my bare metal k8s cluster on Rancher . I have many application running on several different namespaces but on rancher I can only see default and system namespace under my project
Do we any workaround to fix this issue

Have you added the pre-existing namespaces to a project? Should be able to do this from the Projects page.

My use case is, I enable kubernetes locally with Docker for Mac locally and create a namespace with kubectl command, but I can’t see it in Rancher


I manually delete the import kubernetes cluster and import it again, now I can see all namespaces.

Updates again

Got this error when move the namespaces to default project

	Cluster health check failed: Failed to communicate with API server: Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers); waiting on cluster-agent-controller-cleanup

So I have to delete and apply again

curl --insecure -sfL | kubectl delete -f -

curl --insecure -sfL  | kubectl apply -f -

Now I can add namespaces to default project properly