Can't connect to Vagrant instance after halt or reboot: docker link not ready

Host: Windows 10
VM: Vagrant 1.7.4, Virtualbox 5.0.12
Box: See below

I first noticed this while rebooting after changing to the ubuntu-console. However, I noticed that this happens even if I sudo reboot after a fresh install, or vagrant halt after a fresh install

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Check out fresh copy of
  2. vagrant up
  3. vagrant ssh - should connect fine
  4. sudo reboot OR vagrant halt from host machine
  5. vagrant up - note timeout, and that vagrant ssh times out as well.

If I open up virtualbox and look at tthe output from the UI connecting to the machine directly, I see the following error:

IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): docker0: link is not ready

Thanks for your consideration. I’m happy to try any suggestions anybody might have.


  • Updated to Virtualbox 5.0.14
  • Updated to Vagrant 1.8.1

No change.

More information: I installed RancherOS via the AMI on an Amazon EC2 instance and WAS able to connect after the following

  • Successfully connected via ssh
  • ran sudo ros os upgrade to upgrade to 0.4.3
  • sudo reboot

Now I can SSH in. Seems to be an issue with RancherOS + Vagrant, not necessarily with RancherOS itself. In the words of Michael Keaton in the original Tim Burton Batman… "the lipstick alone won’t do it.

Someone filed the similar issue earlier in the week.

I ended up creating a Github issue:

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