Can't get rid of some volumes

Finally bit the bullet and set up a Gluster Convoy deployment.

When I do docker volume ls, I see:

convoy-gluster      fed5f71dd56a1e35336ee534ca8c562867b42122c42c0625329c2255c7c08a19

I don’t know what that volume is, so I go to remove it:

root@rancher0:~/bin/convoy# docker volume rm fed5f71dd56a1e35336ee534ca8c562867b42122c42c0625329c2255c7c08a19
Error response from daemon: get fed5f71dd56a1e35336ee534ca8c562867b42122c42c0625329c2255c7c08a19: invalid character ‘H’ looking for beginning of value

I found a Docker issue claiming this is a Convoy bug, but without a link to the bug in question. What's going on here? This is Docker 1.10.3, which I understand is the latest supported by Rancher. Is Convoy still incompatible with this old Docker version?

Interestingly, I don't see this volume in `convoy list`, nor do I see it in my storage pools. It seems to only exist in `docker volumes ls`. I have another volume in a similar state, though I haven't removed it from Convoy. I can't remove it via Docker.

How can I remove these volumes?

I wonder if this has to do with convoy-gluster using rancher/convoy-agent:v0.3.0 when at least v0.7.0 is out. Makes me a bit nervous that this template, which is seeing lots of use based on forum posts, seems to be lagging significantly behind Convoy.

I didn’t install Convoy on my host, but it seems the catalog template did this for me. Is there any way for me to upgrade the agent, or would this cause breakage? Is this template even maintained anymore?