Can't get the pod log and exec shell commond

I have build a rancher server with docker.
And I have add some K8s servers in the rancher system.
usually, I use the ip address visit the rancher service. that all normal.

but when I have setup a domain to the rancher server with nginx.
now when I visit the rancher with domain, it can login the rancher system and get all the k8s information except the get the pod logs and exec shell commond. it always remaind me “Disconnected”.

I have checked the browers logs, it alwasy show
"WebSocket connection to ‘wss://[mydomian]/v3/subscribe?sockId=25’ failed: "
"socket.js:106 WebSocket connection to ‘wss://[mydomian]/k8s/clusters/c-m-xhnn8jwc/v1/subscribe?sockId=61’ failed: "

What can I do? please help.