Can't launch kubectl shell

Hi all.
I have an issue with launching kubectl shell. I’ve installed Rancher HA cluster with v.2.1.6 and create one custom cluster. For now I have two clusters: local and test. At test cluster I have 1 node with etcd and controlplane roles and 4 worker nodes. At local cluster each node has all roles. I can’t launch kubectl shell from test cluster in UI. It holds in connecting... status. If i’m trying to use url which shell uses to connect directly in browser I’m getting:

  • “baseType”: “error”,
  • “code”: “NotFound”,
  • “message”: “failed to find kubectl pod”,
  • “status”: 404,
  • “type”: “error”
    With local cluster shell works fine. So my question is-what i need to do that shell was started?
    thanks in advance